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Welcome to Visionary Eye Care
Your Optometrist in Lutz, FL

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You only get one set of eyes, so it's important to take care of your overall eye and vision health throughout life. Here at Visionary Eye Care, our entire team is dedicated to helping you care for your eyes at every stage in your life. In fact, we strive to be your one-stop shop for all your family's eye-and vision-related needs.

About Our Vision Care Center

Our vision care center is conveniently located in Lutz, so we can service all of the Tampa area. Our eye care team consists of a number of dedicated eye care professionals who are committed to staying on top of all changes in the field of optometry. Our staff members are highly educated, skilled, and experienced. Not to mention, they strive to make each and every patient comfortable when they come into our office.

Dr. Brady and Dr. Cook are both up-to-date on the latest advancements in the industry and work to provide you with the best possible eye care during your visit.

What Sets Our Eye Care Center Apart

When you step foot inside our eye care center, you'll immediately notice that we're not like other optometrist offices. Our staff is warm, welcoming, and always happy to go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. We truly take the time to get to know you so we can help you make the right decisions when it comes to your ocular health.

We have convenient office hours to suit even the busiest of schedules. Ask us about flexible hours at our dispensary later in the day and on Saturdays.

Services Provided By Our North Tampa Optometrist

No matter what your eye care needs may be, our optometrists can help. How long since you last had an eye and vision exam? If it's been more than a year, then we recommend scheduling a comprehensive eye exam with us. We also offer a variety of other eye care services!

If you work an office job or play sports, we offer both computer vision eyeglasses and sports vision therapy. Essentially, no matter what your eye care needs may be, we can help. We also carry a wide selection of eyeglass and sun-glass frames and lenses, so you can be sure to find something that matches your unique sense of style and fashion. And we're always updating our inventory to stay up-to-date with changing styles!

Schedule Your Appointment Today

Are you in need of eye care services from an optometrist in Tampa you can trust? If so, then we encourage you to give Visionary Eye Care a call today at (813) 425-9596 to schedule your appointment. Our friendly staff would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services.

Dr. Jennifer Brady Cook, M.S., O.D 
Dr. Michael Cook, F.C.O.V.D. 
Visionary Eye Care | (813) 425-9596 
17655 North Dale Mabry 
Lutz, FL 33548 

Meet Our Team

Learn Who We Are

  • Dr.
    Jennifer Brady Cook
    M.S., O.D

    Virtually a native Floridian, I grew up in Daytona and Flagler Beach. Being a daughter of a teacher and photographer, I developed a passion for science and the arts. I was Salutatorian of my class at Flagler Palm Coast High School in 1992.  I went to undergrad at Florida Atlantic University and received a Bachelor's of Science with Honors in Chemistry in 1995 and then my Master's in Chemistry the following year.  I then went on to optometry school in Florida at Nova Southeastern University and graduated in 2000.

  • Dr.
    Michael Cook
    O.D, F.C.O.V.D

    I decided to become an Optometrist after my mother handed me an article about an optometrist when I was 17 years old.  My main thought at the time was that it was a profession that would never bore me.  Looking back decades later I think that was one of the few teenage thoughts I had about the future that turned out to be correct.  I gained early admission to NOVA Southeastern University in 1996, which was quite fortuitous because it put me in the same class as my future wife.  After graduating with my doctorate in Optometry in 2000 I worked in corporate Optometry while gaining experience and interest in how I could help children with Vision Related Learning Problems and other children that continuously needed stronger and stronger glasses.  When my wife founded Visionary Eye Care in 2008 it gave me the opportunity to specialize in Pediatric Optometry.

  • Kimberly Kuenzler
    Optical Dispensary Coordinator

    As an Optical Dispensary Coordinator, I am responsible for frame management. I'm very proud that Visionary has such a variety of frames designed by independent manufacturers. It’s really exciting to be able to offer our patients something unique with a story to tell. Our frames are as individual as our patients and yes, I believe there is that perfect frame for everyone. When I'm not enjoying my time at Visionary Eye Care, I love traveling, discovering new restaurants, and jet skiing.

  • Regan Barnes
    Visual Therapist

    My name is Regan and I have been a part of the Visionary Family since August of 2011. I am fortunate enough to hold the title of Visual Therapist. More than anything, I enjoy working with kids and adults who have vision problems that interfere with their academic and everyday life abilities. There is nothing more fulfilling than giving our therapy patients the necessary visual skills to excel in life. I have such a love for this profession that I am currently working towards my Doctorate in Optometry to specialized in Optometric Visual Therapy. Outside of work I enjoy being a full-time dog mom the most! I also enjoy kayaking, cave exploring and going to the beach.

  • Chelsie Juarez

    Hi, my name is Chelsie.  I was an ophthalmic technician from 2009- 2015 where I worked in clinical care.  Since starting with Visionary Eye Care in 2015, I now work in optical as a Certified Optician and I’m not looking back.  While working towards becoming licensed, I have the privilege of selecting/selling eyewear to clients as well as being the contact lens specialist for the practice.  What I enjoy most about Visionary is the incredible and knowledgeable team I get to work alongside with- in a fun atmosphere. When I’m not hard at work you can catch me on the beach, working out, or eating delicious food with friends and family.  

  • Boscoe

    'Hello! My name is Boscoe. I am the newest member of the Visionary family and I am so excited to become a part of such an amazing practice. I see that I have some big shoes to fill! While I'm sure there is a lot I need to learn, I know I'm the right pup for the job. I look forward to making everyone's visit to our practice memorable and fun! And giving snuggles...lots of snuggles...'


Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "A few years ago, I felt dumb and hopeless. That’s all changed thanks to Visionary Eye Care. I will soon be in middle school and I am no longer dreading it! I love reading so much. I recently finished The Hunger Games and am starting The Divergent series. Thank you so much for completely changing my life. I owe you a lot."
    Madison, age 10
  • "This is my success story. Before starting vision therapy, I had trouble with reading comprehension and many other things. With the help of vision therapy, not only did I improve my skills, but I gained more confidence when reading or doing other things with my eyes. I am so thankful for Dr. Cook and Regan—they helped me so much, by pushing me to do my best. Vision Therapy helped me improve my visual skills and left me with lasting memories of the fun I had every time I went."
    Caylee, age 17
  • "Before vision therapy, I had problems comprehending what I was reading. I skipped lines and many words. I avoided reading and when I did read, I fell asleep in the middle of the text. At the end of the day, my vision got worse. Vision therapy helped me a lot. The games and activities helped improve my vision tremendously. My comprehension has gotten a lot better, and I don’t skip lines anymore. I love reading, and I don’t fall asleep anymore! At the end of the day, my vision is the same as when I first work up. Thank you, Visionary Eye Care!"
    Gianna, age 13
  • "When I was first diagnosed with convergence insufficiency, I had constant headaches and blurry vision. I would get mad and complain to my mom that I would never open a book again. Now, I am reading on level! To Dr. Cook, Regan and everyone, thank you so much! P.S. I’m writing a book!"
    Emily, age 10
  • "When I first started vision therapy, I struggled with reading. I often came home with migraines and had many frustrating moments. During my therapy, I faced many challenges. I often took therapy as only helping me in one place, but then I realized it was necessary for a lot of things. It was a life lesson, and every week I gained something other than my ability to use both eyes. I met a lot of amazing people along the journey. It was all worth it because I gained something I will never lose. Yes, it was hard, but also rewarding. Never let the fear of striking out stop you from playing the game. Work as hard as possible, because you may not know it, but your life will change for the better. With love."
    Carissa, age 15
  • "Before vision therapy, I had problems comprehending what I was reading. I was skipping lines and many words in the text. I avoided reading and when I did read, I would fall asleep. By the end of the day, my vision got worse. Vision therapy has helped me a lot. The games and activities helped improve my vision tremendously. My comprehension has gotten a lot better, and I am not skipping lines anymore. I started to love reading, and I don’t fall asleep anymore on what I was reading. At the end of the day, my vision is the same as when I first wake up. Thank you, Visionary Eye Care! -Gianna, age 13
    Before I started vision therapy, I couldn’t read the words in a book or on paper. I skipped lines when reading and I knew something wasn’t right. When my parents found Visionary Eye Care, I got a little excited. Now I can read better and see clearly, which is wonderful. I’m doing a lot better; vision therapy has helped me a lot."
    Giovanni, age 10
  • "When I started vision therapy, I read with my finger, and I moved my head when I read. I skipped words and did not like to read in bed. Now, my handwriting is better, and I read in bed. I can throw a football and catch a ball. Best of all, I understand what I read! Thank you, Dr. Cook and Ms. Regan."
    Alex, age 9
  • "When I started vision therapy, I struggled with reading comprehension, double vision and headaches. Now I don’t struggle with any of these. It was fun to learn how to control my eyes!"
    Dominic, age 8
  • "I used to have problems staying focused and with reading comprehension. I am very thankful to have come to vision therapy because my grades have improved, and I’m not as stressed while I read. I thank everyone who contributed. I had a ton of fun at vision therapy."
    Nick, age 15
  • "I used to have problems staying focused and with reading comprehension. I am very thankful to have come to vision therapy because my grades have improved, and I’m not as stressed while I read. I thank everyone who contributed. I had a ton of fun at vision therapy."
    Nick, age 15
  • "Before starting vision therapy, I had problems with double vision, headaches, words ran together when reading and I had messy handwriting. I DID NOT like to read. I have improved in reading, math and handwriting and school, overall. And, I had fun!"
    Emory, age 11
  • "When I started vision therapy, I had problems with reading and understanding what I was reading. After vision therapy, I was able to read easier. I enjoyed my time in vision therapy."
    Adrian, age 9
  • "Six months ago, I started vision therapy. At first, I was hesitant. Honestly, I’m so grateful that I was able to go through it. It has helped me so much. For example, when I read there is not a problem to worry about. Before therapy, my lines would run together, I’d get sleepy, my eyes would hurt, and I wouldn’t retain any information that I had just read. Also, when I drive, it’s hassle free. Before therapy, my depth perception and side vision were terrible. Now my eyes work well together, and I’m able to see very well when judging distances and out of my side vision. My eyes also used to not be able to follow lines or switch focus well at all. They would bounce all over the place. Now they can follow something smoothly. That not only helps me with driving, but with my reading, too. I ‘m so thankful that I was able to go through this experience. It has helped me so much with my everyday life. I really appreciate my parents along with Dr. Cook and Regan for their help and support."
    Amanda, age 16
  • "When I first came to vision therapy, I had problems like double vision and headaches when I read. Now, thanks to Dr. Cook and Miss Regan, I read better and don’t get headaches, and I even have better handwriting. – Matthew, age 11
    When I started vision therapy, I had problems with reading comprehension and seeing things far away. Vision therapy helped me to build up self confidence and taught me to not give up on myself and keep going. Vision therapy changed the way I think. I want to thank everyone who supported me through my journey. I have so many amazing memories here."
    Ava, age 13

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