Eye Teaming And Vision Therapy At Visionary Eye Care

Eye teaming, also known as binocular vision, refers to how your eyes work together to give you a clear image of something. Even though each of your eyes sees things differently, the muscles surrounding them will enable you to see one image. If the muscles surrounding your eyes are not working together, you may experience headaches, blurry vision, double vision, and eye strain when doing close-up work. Deficiencies in eye teaming are broken down into two categories, convergence insufficiency, and convergence excess. Severe deficiency in eye muscle control is called Strabismus.  If you experience any of these things, it’s advisable to see your local Optometrist. Dr. Jennifer Cook and Dr. Michael Cook of Visionary Eye Care are experienced in treating optometry problems arising from improper eye teaming. Visionary Eye Care covers the areas of Tampa, North Tampa, and Lutz.

Convergence Insufficiency

Convergence insufficiency occurs when your eyes turn outward as you try to focus on an object. This is especially noticeable when you are reading or doing computer work. It can cause your eyes to become tired rapidly, difficulty doing close-up work, double or blurred vision, and headaches. Convergence insufficiency normally isn’t visible to others.

Convergence Excess

Convergence excess is the opposite of convergence insufficiency. Your eyes will turn inward when trying to focus on an object. Here again, you will experience blurred or double vision, eye strain, and headaches if left untreated. As with convergence insufficiency, your eyes turning inward isn’t visible to other people.


Strabismus refers to more severe cases of convergence insufficiency or excess. It is very noticeable that your eyes aren’t aligned and working together. Strabismus can be a permanent or temporary condition. It can occur if you’re stressed or sick.

Vision Therapy for Convergence Insufficiency or Excess

Once you’ve had an eye exam, your optometrist will discuss your diagnosis and steps to take to correct your vision. One of these steps is vision therapy. Vision therapy is like physical therapy, only for your eyes. The experienced optometrists and staff at Visionary Eye Care will teach you a variety of exercises to do at home to strengthen the muscles surrounding your eyes. Vision therapy will help improve your overall eye teaming. This type of technique can be done for both adults and children.

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