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Pediatric Eye Care With Our Tampa & Lutz Eye Doctor

At Visionary Eye Care, we offer pediatric eye care exams for your child of any age! Our Tampa and Lutz eye doctor team wants every child to have optimal eyesight that will help them in school, sports, and life. That’s why we’re proud to offer vision therapy among our many comprehensive eye services for patients of any age.

What Is Vision Therapy?

Many children benefit from eyeglasses or contact lenses, but not every vision problem can be fully corrected with prescriptive eyewear. When glasses aren’t enough, our Tampa & Lutz optometrist offers vision therapy as a helpful adjunct to comprehensive eye care that can make a significant difference in your child’s life.

Vision therapy is a customized comprehensive treatment program that uses a variety of techniques to improve several aspects of your child’s eyesight. This includes metronomes, visual focusing activities, and vestibular exercises including balance boards and eye/hand/head coordination. Think of it like physical therapy for the eyes. Our Lutz and Tampa optometrists use prisms, specialized lenses, and computer-assisted games and programs to help your child’s eyes and brains process visual information in a more efficient way.

All this without the need for invasive procedures. Vision therapy has also been shown to improve the beneficial effects of corrective prescription lenses. Each session lasts approximately 50 minutes and occurs once or twice per week. Additionally, home therapy exercises should be performed daily for about 10 minutes.

Does Your Child Need To See An Eye Doctor? Contact Our Lutz & Tampa Optometrist Today!

Does your child struggle to pay attention or sit still in school? Does he or she seem to have a hard time with athletics? Does she or he complain of frequent headaches or difficulty reading? If so, your kid may benefit from vision therapy. Our Lutz and Tampa optometrist team wants your child to succeed in whatever activity he or she participates—and optimizing his or her vision is a crucial part of this. To schedule a pediatric eye care exam with our Lutz & Tampa optometrist staff, call (813) 425-9596 today.

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