Tips On Protecting Your Eyes From UV Rays This Summer

Visionary Eye Care Offers Tips on Protecting Your Eyes from UV Rays this Summer

UV radiation from the sun may be invisible to the naked eye, but that does not mean it can’t potentially harm your eyes. At Visionary Eye Care in Tampa, our team is dedicated to helping patients optimize their eye health and protect their vision, especially during these sunny summer months.

How UV Radiation Affects Your Eyesight

Ultraviolet radiation is high frequency and high energy light which can deeply penetrate your eyes, reaching all the way back to your retinas. The retina is a thin and sensitive film of tissue containing specialized cells necessary for sight. When UV radiation comes in contact with it, cellular and oxidative damage can occur. Research shows that overtime, repeated exposure can increase your risk for age-related macular degeneration and other eye health conditions, including:

  • Cataracts
  • Pterygium (“surfer’s eye”)
  • Eye cancer (including skin cancer on the eyelids and face)

In the short-term, excessive UV exposure can also cause photokeratitis (“snow blindness” or “sun blindness”), which is like sunburn on the cornea (symptoms include hypersensitivity to light, blurry vision, and eye discomfort).

3 Tips for Summer Eye Safety

UV radiation is everywhere, even on overcast days. This summer, have fun in the sun without compromising your eye health by following these tips:

  1. Wear a wide-brimmed hat to provide shade for your face and eyes.
  2. Wear sunscreen on your face to protect your skin. 
  3. Wear sunglasses offering broad-spectrum UV protection, especially when out on the water where glare from the sun is brightestUV-blocking sunglasses prevent the two main types of UV rays (UV-A and UV-B) from entering your eyes.

Do you wear glasses or contacts? Visionary Eye Care offers prescription sunglasses to protect your eyes in comfort and style. Our sunglasses come in a variety of designer styles and prices.

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