Frequently Asked Questions About Ortho-K At Our Tampa FL Optometry Center

Have you heard about an extraordinary contact lens technology called ortho-k that actually corrects your vision even when you’re not wearing them? Perhaps you heard that these lenses can even reduce the development of nearsightedness (myopia) in children. What’s this form of eye care really all about, and how might your family benefit from it? Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions on the subject at our Tampa FL optometry center, Visionary Eye Care.

What Does “Ortho-K” Mean?

“Ortho-k” is short for orthokeratology. Orthokeratology is a technique that uses specialized contact lenses that (temporarily) reshape the curvature of the corneas during sleep, thus correcting for refractive errors and allowing for clear, lens-free vision upon awakening.

How Do Ortho-K Lenses Work?

Ortho-k lenses aren’t just contact lenses — they’re designed to act as molds that apply gentle corrective pressure on the flexible tissues of the cornea. This safe, painless pressure causes the corneas to conform to a new curvature that matches your corrective vision prescription. In the morning, simply take the lenses out and go about your day with no need for glasses or daytime contacts.

How Long Does Ortho-K’s Vision Correction Last?

The effects of Ortho-l typically last for a day or two at a time, but some people experience corrected vision for several days. You can always maintain your vision correction by wearing your ortho-k lenses to bed on whatever schedule seems to yield the most consistent results. The temporary nature of orth-k correction is actually a plus, since it allows you to give up this form of vision correction for another option at any time.

Who Are Good Candidates for Ortho-K?

Ortho-k work best for people suffering from either myopia or astigmatism. It can correct about 85 percent of all myopia prescriptions and about 8- percent of (non-severe) astigmatism cases. Children who have myopia or a family history of myopia are also excellent candidate for ortho-k.

Can Ortho-K Slow the Development of Myopia?

Ortho-k can indeed slow myopia progression in children. Studies have shown that orthokeratology lenses can reduce the amount of myopia that develops during these years, when most myopia development occurs. By the time your nearsighted kids reach adulthood, they may enjoy substantially better vision from having used ortho-k lenses during childhood.

How Can your Optometrist Get Me Started With Ortho-K?

If you’re interested in exploring the potential of ortho-k, either for yourself or for your loved ones, the first step is to schedule an eye exam with your optometrist at Visionary Eye Care. Call our optometry office today at (813) 425-9596 to set it up!