The Myopia Management program allows Dr. Michael Cook to stop / slow down the progression of nearsightedness. The program includes: testing, tracking and follow-ups with Dr.Cook to monitor you child’s myopic changes. Materials for the year such as: Atropine compounded eye drops, Soft Multifocal disposable Contact Lens, or overnight Retainers (known as Ortho-K) are included. Treatment type would be based on Dr. Cook’s discretion and your child’s needs. The investment for our Myopia Management program is $3,150.00 or monthly payments of $175.00 for 24months. If you would like to schedule a FREE consultation, please call our office today.

Myopia (nearsightedness, where distance vision is blurry) is growing at an alarming rate, with 1 in 3 U.S. children now myopic. Researchers believe that the environment kids grow up in today, with too many close distance activities (like reading and device use) and lack of outdoor play, is contributing to the rapid increase in childhood myopia. While glasses and contact lenses compensate for a child’s blurry vision, they don’t stop your child’s vision from continuing to deteriorate.

As children grow, myopia often develops as they reach school age and progresses into the late teens.

The Dangers of Myopia

We now know there is more to worry about with myopia in children than the inconvenience of ever-thickening lenses. Studies show that myopic patients are at significantly greater risk of sight-threatening diseases in their lifetime. Myopia is caused by the eye growing too long, which increases your child’s risks of retinal diseases, glaucoma and cataracts. The greater the myopia, the greater the risk to your child’s eye health, so early intervention is critical.

There are now treatments to help your child

Fortunately, there are now proven, non-surgical treatments that can slow or in some cases even stop your child’s myopia from getting worse. These treatments include custom designed contact lenses and prescription eye drops. This service can help treat your child’s myopia to give them better vision now and reduce the threat of more serious eye diseases in the future.

Many parents are concerned that their child is not ready for contact lenses, our experience is that children as young as six can be very successful with these treatments with the proper education and support. Here is a video of 6 year old Mikayla learning how to insert and remove her contact lenses for the first time.

One of the myopia treatment options involves a custom designed overnight contact lens “retainer” that works by gently reshaping the front of the eye while your child sleeps. This treatment not only can slow your child’s myopia, it also offers the benefit of allowing your child to see clearly all day without glasses or contact lenses. Mikayla shares about her experience with these types of retainers.

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