Manage Your Eye Allergies This Summer

Managing Your Summer Eye Allergies with Visionary Eye Care

Eye allergies occur when your body reacts negatively to something that is normally not a problem. For many people, this is a seasonal condition that flares up in response to a certain type of pollen in the air. However, some people have allergies to dust mites, pets, mold, or other elements that are present in their environment.

You can develop an allergy to something that never bothered you before. Or, if you moved recently or acquired a new pet, you may be exposed to a type of allergen that you were never around before. Our optometrists at Visionary Eye Care can recommend various ways to manage your seasonal allergies.

Symptoms of Eye Allergies

Eye allergy symptoms may be present with or without nasal allergy symptoms and can range in severity from mildly annoying to serious enough to impair vision.  These include:

  • Itching
  • Watering
  • Burning
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Dark circles under your eyes

Because eye allergies can look similar to eye infections, seek help from our optometrists if your symptoms do not improve quickly.

Treatments for Eye Allergies

There are a number of ways to treat eye allergies. The first and most important way is to avoid the allergen as much as possible. For seasonal allergy sufferers who have issues with pollen, this might mean staying inside on days with high pollen counts, running an air filtration unit in your home, and wearing wraparound glasses to avoid allowing pollen to enter your eyes.

For individuals with environmental allergies, how to avoid the problem depends on the trigger. Dehumidifiers can reduce mold growth, special bed covers can reduce dust mite growth, and keeping pets out of the bedroom can reduce exposure to their dander.

Our optometrists may recommend over-the-counter (OTC) treatments including artificial tears, oral allergy medications, and eye drops. Or, if they think that OTC treatment is not enough, they may prescribe a stronger or more specialized medication or eye drop.

Contact Visionary Eye Care for Seasonal Allergy Relief

Our Lutz optometrists provide eye exams for patients of all ages, including infants and toddlers, in the Tampa area. If you have uncontrolled allergy symptoms, need a new eye doctor, or are due for an eye exam, give us a call today. To make an appointment, call Visionary Eye Care at (813) 425-9596.

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