Looking For Vision Therapy In Lutz?

Looking for Vision Therapy in Lutz?

Have you ever experienced double vision, eye-hand coordination problems or poor depth perception? If so, you know how debilitating these eye problems can be. Your child may struggle with these issues and not know how to tell you. After all, if skewed or blurry vision is the norm for your child, he doesn’t know any different, so he doesn’t bring it up.

Of course, difficulty seeing can result in learning problems. This may cause your child to be misidentified as lazy, slow or having ADD/ADHD. Clearly, scheduling back to school eye exams with a qualified Tampa optometrist is important for catching vision problems so your child can be successful this school year.

What is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is a non-surgical treatment for various vision problems that glasses or contacts alone can’t fix. Therapy often includes eye exercises, which are carried out in weekly or bi-weekly therapy sessions in our Lutz office. Each session typically last 30 to 60 minutes, and Dr. Michael Cook assigns your child eye exercises to do at home as well.

In addition to eye exercises, vision therapy uses therapeutic and corrective lenses, prisms, optical filters, computer-based eye exercises, and other vision implements. Our Tampa optometrist carefully oversees your child’s vision therapy sessions to ensure the pediatric eye care treatment is correcting problems as it should.

Schedule Vision Therapy with a Lutz Optometrist Today

Less than 15% of kids have back to school eye exams, which is shocking when you realize that up to 80% of all classroom learning relies on good vision! Clearly, now is the time to bring your child to Visionary Eye Care so our Lutz optometrist can perform pediatric eye care and determine if your child needs vision therapy.

To schedule a visit with our Lutz eye doctor, please contact Visionary Eye Care online or call us at (813) 425-9596. If you have had experience with vision therapy before, tell us about your success story in the comments!

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