Learn About Gentle Vision Shaping (Ortho-K) In Tampa, FL!

Gentle Vision Shaping in Tampa with our at Visionary Eye Care

Here at Visionary Eye Care, we offer gentle vision shaping in Tampa with ortho-k contact lenses. These are rigid, gas permeable lenses that are worn at night and removed in the morning. Our Tampa optometrist can examine your eyes to determine if you would benefit from ortho-k contact lenses.

Benefits of Ortho-K Lenses with our Tampa Eye Doctor

Choosing ortho-k lenses with our Tampa eye doctor offers unique benefits over traditional contacts and glasses.

  • Gentle reshaping of your cornea without refractive eye surgery
  • No need to wear glasses or contacts during the day
  • Easy cleaning and care schedule
  • Fully reversible

Orthokeratology with our Optometrist in Tampa

Our optometrist in Tampa can examine your eyes to determine if Orthokeratology lenses would help correct your vision. Orthokeratology lenses work well for individuals who do not want to wear corrective lenses during the day but either don’t want or can’t have laser eye surgery.

During your appointment, our eye doctor in Tampa will examine your eye health and vision to determine your prescription for vision correction. Next, our optometrist will map the fit of the ortho-k contacts. These lenses are designed to fit very snugly, and as you wear them at night, the custom shape of the lenses will reshape your cornea. The reshaping allows light to focus correctly on the back of your eye, which provides you with clear vision.

Contact Visionary Eye Care Today

To schedule an appointment with our eye doctor in Tampa to see if orthokeratology contact lenses would help you see clearly or for any of our other services, call us at 813-425-9596.

How have orthokeratology contact lenses from our Tampa optometrist helped you see clearly?

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