How Vision Therapy Can Improve Sports Performance

Visionary Eye Care Shares How Vision Therapy Can Improve Sports Performance

If you are looking for an optometry center that can help you improve your eyes for athletic purposes, Visionary Eye Care in Lutz, FL can help. Below is some information on how vision therapy can help improve sports performance.

What is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is is a type of vision treatment that helps improve eyesight where glasses and contact lenses cannot. Based on what type of sport you play and your position, we can help you improve your visual performance through vision therapy.

How Can Vision Therapy Help with Athletic Performance?

Vision is one of many aspects of an athlete’s body that can help him or her perform sports. Athletes run, work out with weights, and do other exercises to improve their performance on game day. Vision therapy can help an athlete sharpen their vision and focus visually on what is important during an athletic competition.

An optometrist can help enhance an athlete’s performance by having the athlete practice specific skills with their eyes. These include:

  • Eye focusing-focus on what is important
  • Depth perception-binocular vision
  • Visual processing speed-reactive agility
  • Eye tracking-track people and objects
  • Visual attention-peripheral and central

Tracking and scanning people and objects, visual processing and attention can also be improved with repeated sessions of vision therapy treatment. Based on the diagnosis, one area may be emphasized over another.

How Can Visionary Eye Care Help?

Our optometry team would love to help you sharpen your visual skills so that you are ready on game day. Make an appointment so we can perform a comprehensive eye exam to determine what visual skills we can help you improve upon. We will then recommend a certain amount of vision therapy treatments to you. Please contact us if you have any questions about how we help athletes with vision therapy at our optometry office.

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Make an appointment today so that we can begin your vision therapy sessions. You can visit us at Visionary Eye Care, 17655 North Dale Mabry, Lutz, FL 33548. You can also call (813) 425-9596 to make an appointment.

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