How To Treat Dry Eye

How to Treat Dry Eye this Fall

If you regularly suffer from the condition known as dry eye, it is likely the fall and winter months cause you problems in the form of uncomfortable symptoms. Contact Visionary Eye Care in Tampa to meet with our optometry staff for relief when discomfort settles in. Here is some information about this condition and how our optometrist can help.

The Causes Of Dry Eye

There are several reasons why you may suffer from dry eye. When seasonal allergies are abundant, dry eyes are a symptom associated with changes in the atmosphere. If you are allergic to pets, dust, or chemical agents, dry eye can also become a problem. Dry eye targets those who have difficulty in manufacturing natural tears. This sometimes happens as people age, when hormonal changes take place, or naturally because of the way the eyes are shaped.

Steps To Take To Avoid This Condition

When cooler weather arrives, air changes can cause dry eye to occur. It is important to try to keep the eyes lubricated when cooler, drier air is abundant. Over-the-counter drops help with this process. In more severe cases, prescription drops may be necessary. Avoid areas where constant heat dries the air. Use heat in the home with discretion and consider investing in a humidifying unit to help maintain tear output. Increasing the Omega-3 fatty acid intake can also help keep eyes from drying.

How Our Optometrist Can Help Treat Dry Eye Symptoms

Making an appointment with our optometrist is an option when fall and winter weather causes dry eye symptoms. Our practitioner will conduct an assessment of your eyes to determine the intensity of dryness and will make recommendations regarding treatment. This may include using drops to keep eyes hydrated, or placing plugs inside of the tear ducts to increase tear output and redirect moisture to the appropriate portions of the eyes.

Schedule An Appointment With Visionary Eye Care Today!

If you are suffering from this condition, contact Visionary Eye Care in Tampa to obtain optometry care for relief. Our optometrist is easy to reach by calling our practice at (813) 425-9596.

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