Give Vision Therapy A Chance With Our Lutz Optometrist

Did you know that we offer vision therapy services? Therapy can help with a range of vision problems, for you or for your children. Learn why you should give vision therapy services a chance.

What is Vision Therapy? 

Vision therapy is an optometrist-led program designed to boost your visual processing skills and correct visual flaws identified by our eye doctor. Vision therapy works on the eye-brain connection, strengthening weak bonds and boosting visual skills so your eye and brain perform as a team. Vision therapy consists of exercises completed in guided sessions as well as at-home exercises, which are intended to be completed between sessions. Vision therapy is always tailored to the individual patient, so what specific exercises you do depends on your vision needs.

What Conditions Does Vision Therapy Help? 

Vision therapy can treat a range of visual problems, including:

  • Eye focusing – Improving focusing skills can help you focus on what’s up close, for work or play.
  • Eye teaming – Eye teaming refers to the way your eyes function together. By improving eye teaming ability, we can boost reading skills.
  • Depth perception – Boosting your depth perception skills can help you be a safer driver, perform better when playing sports, and see the world clearly.
  • Hand-eye coordination – Poor hand eye coordination can affect your ability to play sports, navigate the world, play an instrument, or exercise.
  • Poor reading skills – Children with reading problems can strengthen their brain-eye coordination and improve reading skills through vision therapy.
  • Trouble completing homework – If your child struggles to complete homework, they may have difficulty seeing or reading. Let our North Tampa optometrist build your child’s skills and confidence.
  • Turned eyes – Strabismus, where the eyes do not align centrally, can be corrected with vision therapy.

We welcome patients of all ages for vision therapy.

See a North Tampa Optometrist

If you have questions about vision therapy or if you’d like to learn more, give our North Tampa optometrist a call. Reserve your appointment or get more information by calling (813) 425-9596.

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