Get Your Eye Exams Done With Our Tampa Optometrist!

Eye Exams with Our Tampa Optometrist

Getting proper eye care is important for adults and children in Tampa and Lutz. Seeing the eye doctor on a regular basis can help ensure vision clarity and good eye health. Patients who fail to see the eye doctor regularly can suffer for years from poor vision and even eye diseases. At Visionary Eye Care in Lutz, we offer comprehensive vision exams for our patients.

When to See Your Optometrist in Tampa for a Vision Exam

Patients need to see the eye doctor once every year for a vision exam, regardless of whether or not they have glasses. Patients with glasses need to see an eye doctor to make sure that their prescription is up to date, while patients without glasses and refractive error need to ensure that their eyes are still healthy and their vision is still clear. Vision can change with time, so visiting your optometrist on a regular basis can prevent problems.

What to Expect During Your Annual Eye Exam

When you come to Visionary Eye Care in Lutz FL, you’ll get an eye exam that tests for three things:

Eye health. We’ll test your eyes for symptoms of eye diseases like macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts and other conditions.

Refractive error. Our tests will determine whether or not your vision is clear. For patients who suffer from refractive error, we’ll write a prescription for corrective lenses. At Visionary Eye Care, we provide glasses frames and contact lenses to patients with refractive error.

Eye functionality. We’ll check your eyes to see if they’re functioning properly. The type of functionality we’ll be looking for include ability to see color, ability to perceive depth and ability to track moving objects.

Contact Your Tampa and Lutz Optometrist for An Annual Eye Exam

We encourage all of our patients to get eye exams annually! If you haven’t seen the eye doctor yet this year, contact us today to make an appointment at (813) 425-9596.

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