Farsightedness Vs Nearsightedness

Farsightedness and nearsightedness are extremely common vision conditions. But have you ever wondered what the difference is between them?

Comparing Farsightedness & Nearsightedness

Both nearsightedness and farsightedness are considered refractive errors of the eyes. This means there is a disruption of the way light enters the eye and thus prevents visual images from focusing directly on the retina, as they normally should. Other types of refractive errors include astigmatism (abnormally-shaped lens or cornea) and presbyopia (age-related nearsightedness). Here’s an overview of how each condition affects your vision.


  • known clinically as myopia
  • causes blurry vision when looking at distant objects, while close-up vision remains clear
  • happens because light focuses at a point in front of the retina
  • can be caused by the eyeball being too oblong


  • known clinically as hyperopia
  • causes blurry vision when looking at close-up objects, while distant vision remains clear
  • happens because light focuses at a point behind the retina
  • can be caused by the eyeball being too short

When a child complains of not being able to read the whiteboard in class, she may be struggling with nearsightedness. Likewise, if you see someone move their phone away from their face in order to read a text message, he may have farsightedness.

To keep these conditions straight in your head, just remember that the names indicate whichever viewing distance is intact (e.g., nearsighted folks can see better nearby, while farsighted folks can better see far away).

How Our Lutz Tampa Eye Doctor Team Can Treat Your Eyes

Nearsightedness and farsightedness both respond positively to vision care by an optometrist. Typically, the most common and cost-effective treatment option is prescription glasses or contact lenses. Corrective eyewear helps light refract properly on the retinas so a person can see more clearly at both near and far away distances. Some people choose LASIK eye surgery as well, for which our team can provide pre- and post-operative care.

Do you or a loved one have a vision problem? At Visionary Eye Care, our Lutz and Tampa FL eye doctor team works with literally thousands of people every year looking for affordable, effective, and practical solutions to their refractive errors. Call  (813) 425-9596 today to schedule an appointment soon.

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