Do You Need Multifocal Lenses? Talk To Our Lutz Optometrist!

If you have difficulty seeing items that are in the distance as well as objects that are up close, chances are that you have struggled to shift seeing between one area of focus and the other. At Visionary Eye Care, we specialize in testing patients for multifocal lenses so they can enjoy improved vision and an improved life. People in search of a Tampa optometrist or optometrist in Lutz have become loyal patients because of our commitment to high professional standards and the warm and caring nature of our talented staff.

Your Optometrist in Lutz Is an Expert on Multifocal Contact Lenses

You probably know some people who have difficulty seeing things far away, such as a movie screen or street signs, and other folks who can see distant items just fine but experience problems when it comes to objects that are up close, like a book, smartphone screen or while working on an arts and crafts project. But there are many people who need correction for both nearsightedness and farsightedness and for them, multifocal contact lenses are their best option.

If you are in your mid-40s, you should know that the aging process can make it harder to focus when looking at close objects. Since it is impractical to keep swapping out monofocus contact lenses (or glasses) to accommodate distant and near items, many people opt for multifocal contacts.

You look through one part of the lens for distant objects and the other part for close up objects. An eye doctor must examine you first, though, before dispensing a prescription for multifocal lenses.

See More Clearly with Multifocal Contacts: Make an Appointment with Your Lutz Optometrist Today!

A trip to your Tampa optometrist is in order if you are curious about seeing how multifocal contacts can improve your vision and make things more convenient.

We are proud to provide service for patients in Tampa, North Tampa and the greater Lutz area and beyond. If you have questions about getting tested and fitted for multifocal contacts by an optometrist in Lutz or would like to make an appointment with our team,  please contact the warm and caring professionals at Visionary Eye Care today.

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