Demodex Mites In Eyelids And Eyelashes

Demodex Mites: A Threat to Your Eyelids and Eyelashes

It is said that mites living in the follicles of the eyelashes aren’t all that bothersome, but in reality, they can cause certain people plenty of trouble. Their activity, bodily wastes, and foreign proteins are able to set off blepharitis, which is an inflammation of the eyelids. This problem can result in dry, scratchy eyes, lost eyelashes, misshapen eyelashes, sties, and more. Clearly, it’s a good idea to get rid of the mites in this case.

The mites responsible for these problems are the same ones that cause a form of mange in dogs: Demodex mites. In humans, they’re known as the type that lives down in the spaces where the eyelashes leave the body. However, they also live in other areas of the face thanks to the amount of oil found there. This oil is their primary food source, so they collect wherever it is abundant.

Won’t Regular Face-Washing Help?

Unfortunately not. There are two main barriers to the effectiveness of standard hygiene: Resistance to soap and positioning. The first aspect simply means that if you wash your face and the soap gets to the mites, you end up with clean mites. Second, the mites get down next to hairs and in pores, and these areas are hard for soap to reach. If it does get in there, the washing force is so diminished by the narrowness of the space that it can’t dislodge the creatures.

What Gets Rid of the Mites?

Special anti-mite rinses are typically prescribed to reduce and eliminate Demodex mite populations. Unlike soaps, these are made specifically to kill mites. They’re thin solutions that will get down into your hair follicles and reach the invaders. They also do not depend on the forceful delivery of water, so they work even if only a trickle reaches the mites.

Where Can I Get These Anti-Mite Medications?

Our optometrist in Lutz, Visionary Eye Care, has everything needed to diagnose and treat problematic Demodex mites. With treatment, you can look forward to the elimination of eyelid irritation, a possible improvement in dry eye symptoms, nicer eyelashes, and more. Make an appointment at our Lutz FL office today to learn if Demodex blepharitis treatment is the solution for you.

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