Benefits Of Vision Therapy

Learn About The Benefits Of Vision Therapy At Visionary Eye Care

Vision correction through a prescription is crucial to optimizing eyesight. Likewise, eye disease detection and management help ensure ongoing eye health. However, many vision issues cannot be addressed with these common eye care services. Many patients, especially children, require vision therapy for a variety of conditions and have found vision therapy highly beneficial for improving their vision.

Optimizing the Eye-Brain Connection

Vision therapy is often compared to physical therapy but for the eyes. It facilitates the strengthening of various aspects of vision and promotes eye health. There are many positive neurological benefits to vision therapy, as there is  a very significant brain and eye correlation.

While vision therapy can include Orthoptics and eye muscle strengthening for cosmetic reasons, it goes far beyond that to include focused eye exams, vision rehabilitation, and advanced vision training. The goal is to optimize vision and the eye-brain connection. Advances and practices in vision therapy are also closely allied with developments in neuroscience.

Eye Exams and Non-Surgical Vision Correction

Vision therapy  can be instrumental in correcting vision issues including crossed eyes (strabismus) and lazy eye (amblyopia). It is very important to catch and address these issues early so that they do not progress and affect vision more adversely later in life. This is why children should be brought in for vision exams no later than age 5 and much sooner if vision issues are suspected.

Vision therapy is a non-surgical, non-invasive, and highly effective way your doctor can address vision issues that cannot be resolved with glasses or other corrective measures. Vision therapy can assist with:

  • Focusing (to enhance close viewing)
  • Tracking
  • Eye teaming
  • Eye turn (strabismus)
  • Ambylopia  (lazy eye)
  • Depth perception
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Visual information processing

Problems in any of these areas can lead to difficulties in school, as well as in sports. That is why issues should be addressed as soon as possible to enhance your child’s educational experience. Excellent vision sets the stage for success in every area of life.

Contact Our Vision Therapists at Visionary Eye Care

Dr. Michael Cook, O.D., is board certified in Behavioral Optometry and Vision Therapy. He will oversee and guide your child through their customized vision therapy program. Contact Visionary Eye Care at (813) 425-9596 with questions or to book an appointment.

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