Back-To-School Vision Exams With Visionary Eye Care

It’s very important for children to be able to see well at school. Most educational material is presented through textbooks, workbooks, the chalkboard, and other visual media. Good vision also improves performance in sports and other group activities, which can be essential aspects of socialization. To help ensure that kids have the vision care they need, Visionary Eye Care of Tampa offers this information on pediatric optometry:

When Should Children Have Their Eyes Checked?

Children need eye exams long before they start school. In fact, if you notice your baby’s eyes turning inward or outward for more than a few seconds at a time, you should bring her or him in right away. Otherwise, we recommend visits at ages 6 months, 3 years, and the summer before 1st grade. After that, kids should typically be seen yearly – their developing eyes can change quickly. These yearly checkups are typically best done before or at the start of the school year.

What Are Some Signs of Poor Vision in Young Children?

Children with vision problems often report having tired eyes or headaches. Some may report double vision by saying there are two items when there is really only one object. It is also possible for a kid with poor vision to simply act distracted. Some teachers will mistake this for ADHD. Finally, a child with poor vision tends to underperform in school and sports.

What is Checked at a Pediatric Vision Exam?

Visual acuity in pediatric eye care places a heavy emphasis on testing visual tracking, eye teaming (the ability of the eyes to work together), depth perception, and other visual “mechanics.” If any problems are found by the eye doctor, treatments to correct them start right away.

It is very important to begin any needed treatments as soon as possible. These treatments include glasses, vision therapy, and other methods.

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